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The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers: The Complete Recordings

Artiste : Howard Shore
EAN : 603497862627
Année : 2018

A1 - Glamdring
A2 - Elven Rope
A3 - Lost In Emyn Muil
A4 - My Precious
A5 - Uglúk's Warriors
A6 - The Three Hunters
B1 - The Banishment Of Éomer
B2 - Night Camp
B3 - The Plains Of Rohan
B4 - Fangorn
B5 - The Dead Marshes
C1 - "Wraiths On Wings"
C2 - Gandalf The White
C3 - The Dreams Of Trees
C4 - The Heir Of Númenor
D1 - Ent-draught
D2 - Edoras
D3 - The Court Of Meduseld
D4 - Théoden King (Featuring "The Funeral Of Théodred")
D5 - The King's Decision
E1 - Exodus From Edoras
E2 - The Forests Of Ithilien
E3 - One Of The Dúnedain (Featuring "Evenstar")
F1 - The Wolves Of Isengard
F2 - Refuge At Helms Deep
F3 - The Voice Of Saruman
F4 - Arwen's Fate (Featuring "The Grace Of The Valar")
F5 - The Story Foretold
G1 - Sons Of The Steward
G2 - Rock And Pool
G3 - Faramir's Good Council
G4 - Aragorn's Return
G5 - War Is Upon Us
H1 - "Where Is The Horse And The Rider?"
H2 - The Host Of The Eldar
H3 - The Battle Of The Hornburg
H4 - The Breach Of The Deeping Wall
H5 - The Entmoot Decides
I1 - Retreat (Featuring "Haldir's Lament")
I2 - Master Peregrin's Plan
I3 - The Last March Of The Ents
I4 - The Nazgûl Attack
I5 - Théoden Rides Forth
J1 - The Tales That Really Matter
J2 - "Long Ways To Go Yet" (Featuring "Gollum's Song")

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